How Can I Spy on A Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone

Whether you are concerned about your children’s social media activities or you are looking to find out what’s the reason behind your partner’s strange behavior, the thought of how to spy on a cell phone remotely does cross your mind.

It is natural to be worried about the well-being of your beloved kids as well as your relationship with your spouse – especially in an environment where social media has increasingly become a facilitation tool for helping people cheat on their partners and get away with it without any repercussions.

This might be the reason you might wonder how to spy on a cell phone without having access to the phone.

Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software?

Phone Spy

The answer to this question isn’t straightforward. It’s relatively easy to do so on Apple devices as they are heavily dependent on cloud backup, which can act as a back door to all the data and information you are looking for. That being said, for Android phones it can be a bit tricky and you might need the phone for a few minutes to install an app. That’s because Android phones aren’t tied to a single cloud system, which can be used as a central source to retrieve data.

That being said, you don’t need to install the app in a traditional sense. You won’t need the target phone or your own device to monitor what’s going on, as you would be able to do it through a web-based portal using any device. So, if your question is, “can you spy on a phone without access to it?”, the answer is – absolutely! All you need is a cell phone spy app.

Best Spy App to Spy on Cell Phone Without Installing Software on Target Phone – mSpy

While there are many spying apps out there, mSpy offers a complete smartphone activity monitoring solution that’s designed to cover the requirements of different audiences. Whether you are a concerned parent, a disciplined businessman, or a worried girlfriend who wants to catch a cheater, you want an affordable spying solution that can monitor all digital activity reliably without any hiccups.

And that’s exactly what mSpy delivers. When it comes to finding a monitoring app that you can trust and delivers in terms of performance, reliability, and value, there are no better solutions than mSpy.

How mSpy Works

  • For Apple Devices

If you are looking for spyware for iPhone without access to the target phone, mSpy is what you need. For mSpy to work on iOS devices, you don’t even need physical access to the device at any time. All you need is iCloud credentials, and you will be able to access all the cell phone activity through a web portal. There is no need for jailbreak, and anyone with a basic understanding of technology can get it done.

  • For Android Devices

When you want to spy on Android phone without installing software, mSpy is your closest bet. You do need to install the mSpy app on the target phone, but you will only need to have it in your possession for a few minutes. Once the app is installed, it will leave no signs of its presence. The app has no icon, and its footprint is limited to 2 megabytes. In fact, you wouldn’t even need to install anything on your own phone as the web portal can be signed into from anywhere on any device.

What Can mSpy Do for You?

One of the best things about mSpy is that it isn’t a restricted monitoring solution that can only track certain activities. That’s why when you want a cell phone spy without access to the target phone, mSpy is the best solution you can find. Here are some of the key features.

  • Get Access to All Texts

The mSpy solution provides you complete access to all the sent, received, and even deleted SMS texts. Not only that, but you also get information such as time stamps and contacts they were sent to.

  • Monitor Social Media Activity

Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram have become the worst offenders for both parents and spouses. With mSpy, you can view the conversations, listen to the audio notes, and see the photos and videos being shared.

  • Know Their Browsing History

The websites people are looking at can provide a lot of context and insight into their strange behavior. The mSpy app gives you the ability to see their complete browsing history to find out what they’ve been interested in lately.

  • Learn All About Their Calls

With mSpy, you can identify the people who your loved ones have been frequently in contact with recently. Monitor all the outgoing and incoming calls along with the details such as timestamps, call duration, and contact number.

  • Keep Tabs on Their Location

One of the best ways to identify if someone is lying to you is to know their real location when they say they’re somewhere else. You can do that with mSpy as well as it gives you the location of the target phone through geofencing.

Phone Spy App without Software Installation for iPhone

If you are getting mSpy for monitoring someone’s iPhone activity, you won’t need to install anything on any device – neither yours nor your target’s. This means you can remotely monitor their digital activity through a web-based portal. No Jailbreaking or complex steps needed.

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Phone Spy App without Software Installation for Android

It’s difficult to spy on Android devices without installing an app as they don’t rely on single central cloud storage to work. However, mSpy is the closest option you can get as all you need is two to three minutes with the target phone. Once you’ve installed the app, everything disappears, leaving no trace behind. You can monitor the activity and even uninstall the app from the web portal.


More often than not, spying isn’t just for the sake of spying – it’s about getting access to the truth because you care and you want to be sure everyone and everything is okay. When you are going that phase, you need a cell phone monitoring solution that you can put your faith in. Being one of the most affordable, trustworthy, and performant spying app for years, mSpy is the solution you can rely on.